Since graduating from the University of London in Software Engineering, Awais aka Liam (Gallagher), has done big things. A huge fan of web dev and mobile applications it’s Liam’s implementation of new technologies for big brands that make his ingredients irresistible.

Never seen without his oversized Beats headphones Liam is the undisputed ping pong powerhouse of  The Kitchen. Along with coding and ping pong, cricket is his other love and Jim wasted no time in recruiting his metronomic yet lethal medium pace for the local team.

Muhammad Awais
Lead Developer

Shilps joins the GFX squad as our Head of Design. Her superpowers include branding, design, illustration, cookery and after parties. Having run the gauntlet of the design industry in New Delhi, Shilps brought her talents to the UK working across brands in sports, FMCG, fashion and the auto industry; from Nike to Avis. Shilpa spends her free time creating art on canvas as well as in The Kitchen and, as an actual inhabitant of Soho, lives only seconds away from the office. But somehow, the commute is still susceptible to delays…

Shilpa Sankhe
Head of Design

Having studied physics at the University of Salerno, Doriana realised that quantum theory and thermodynamics weren’t quite the challenge she needed, so she filled the gaps between sub-atomic particles with web development.

Following a path of ones and zeroes from Italy to London, she’s wound up at The Kitchen, bringing her amazing science-brain to the WebDev team and we’re delighted.

Doriana Ciccarelli
Web Developer

A bon-vivant with an identity crisis, London-born Persian-Spaniard, Alex, has been a friend of the company for years in roles ranging from grip to camera to special-effects.

Now an alumnus of the London Film Academy, he has honed his edit-craft through short filmmaking and has climbed aboard as our in-house editor. That’s when he’s not lending his gorgeous, dulcet tones to our guide voiceovers. In between bouts of leatherwork, cutlery and stick-whittling, Alex tries to make time for the important things in life which, it turns out, is beer.

Alex Abdolwahabi

A proud Essex native, Kim joined the team in 2010, semi-fresh out of uni. Following her success as part of the rookie award-winning writing team for online series Freak, Kim decided to try something new, and pestered The Kitchen for a job.

With her beautiful auburn hair and sharp satirical wit Kimmy finally left the shores of Essex and now lives in West London. When not wearing her Wayfarers or formulating cutting one liners, Kim spends her time baking, and attempting to sew without stabbing herself. She’s also been known to knock out a tune or two when occasion demands.

Kim Barker
Creative Producer

Before founding The Kitchen back in 2004 with Ed, Jim started life as an actor at the BBC. Working for Thames Water, IMG, Ion Group and more, he started his first business at 19.

Jim’s overseen the growth of the company to an effective, full-service agency, working with some of the world’s most influential brands. Jim is a family man and Chiswickian with a love of cricket, golf and horticulture. On the weekends, he’ll normally be found in W4: on the pitch, golf course or entertaining his kids at the allotment

Jim Yorath
Managing Director

Dan was forging a successful career in TV at Channel 4, Sky and “the Beeb”, producing promos, news, documentary, sport and comedy when old friends Jim and Ed came knocking with the proposal of The Kitchen. He packed his bags and hasn’t looked back since.

Dan can be found at Stamford Bridge watching his beloved Chelsea, on the golf course or occasionally a football pitch, competing desperately for amateur sporting honors. Married to a delightful girl who plies her trade at a “rival” Ad Agency, the competitiveness continues at home.

Dan Jacobs
Executive Creative Director

A continental masterpiece, Marsio is Italian through and through. Following a successful stint at RAI in Rome as a VFX compositor, he brought his creative experimentation to The Kitchen and with it, a refreshing sense of excitement, ambition and inspiration.

Bardo’s passion also extends to the ping pong table; a terrible loser and flamboyant player of spin, his continental flair is a sight to behold and a pleasure to experience. He’s hugely passionate about food and loves to explore every corner of our great city.

Marsio Bellizzi
Senior Graphic Designer

Say hello to Toby Evea.

Sartorialist. Gooner. Business Development Director.

Toby’s breadth of experience spans the industry from media agency to broadcaster via sales and now he’s landed here at The Kitchen, finally using the dark arts he’s learnt along the way for the powers of good.

When he’s not at the Emirates or turning his hand to culinary excellence, he’ll be hoovering up television from The Sopranos to Jeremy Kyle.

While this might raise eyebrows among other professions, we think it displays a steadfast dedication to understanding our market.

And that he really likes daytime TV.

Toby Evea
Business Development Director

Becks hails from sunny Yorkshire, where tea is king. She combined her English Lit degree with salsa dancing and hanging out with famous footballers. Occasionally simultaneously. After an illustrious stretch at Disney, working her way up to Creative Lead, Becks bounced through the doors at The Kitchen, bright eyed and bushy tailed. When she isn’t nailing productions, talking incredibly loudly or knocking things over, Becks is an intrepid traveller, a lover of dogs (and people) and an unstoppable titan on the netball court.

Rebecca Montgomery
Creative Lead in Production ​/ Director​

Lach’s aim in life is to carpe the hell out of some diem – hence joining The Kitchen.

He moved to London (to ‘swim with the sharks’) via Amsterdam and Cape Town (where they have ‘actual sharks’) with a degree in International Media & Entertainment. Roughly translated, it means he has a passion for creativity and spontaneity tempered by a compulsion for organisation and discipline. A contradiction like that is easy to entertain when you consider that Lach is the son of a professional parachutist while simultaneously being utterly petrified of heights.

Lach Kamenov
Digital Producer

Mitch grew up (and spent most of his life) in Australia, but we never hold that against him.

Agency-based in Brisbane, Mitch spent five years working as a film editor and motion graphics artist before finally making the sensible move to London.

While roaming the wilds of the capital as a freelancer, Mitch filled the gaps with video games and Lego, but now spends a considerable portion of his day locked in the panic room turning rushes into masterpieces.

Mitchell Young
Editor & Motion Graphics Artist

Davis’ early years were spent in the Latvian countryside, milking various farmyard animals, but curiosity drew him to the big smoke. He started out teaching, but the classroom was no more for Davis than the farmyard.

Then he found his passion: web development. Seven years of constant dedication made Davis a vital addition to the Kitchen. When not surgically attached to a computer, you might find him perfecting some outlandish moves in his bid to dance his way around Europe. He’s a keen cyclist, pedestrian and funder of Kickstarter projects.

Davis Vilums
Web Developer

Pete, aka Pedroe, joins The Kitchen as a production manager, bringing with him all the experience of working on the front lines as a camera technician for Arri. Keen-eyed viewers will notice that he sports the same surname as our illustrious planning director, Dom Roe.

Charming, affable, accommodating, gregarious, it turns out that Pete is everything that Dom isn’t. So much the better for The Kitchen. When he isn’t reminding us what a Roe is capable of, he writes, produces and directs music videos and short films.

Pete Roe
Production Manager

Ted was fresh out of uni when he teamed up with his best pal Jim to form The Kitchen. A degree in binary code meant that, in the early days, Ted handled everything technical. It was his logical thinking that turned him into a great COO.

Ted’s probably the only director of an advertising agency who’s played professional football and appeared on Teletext final score, even if he did go off injured after 60 seconds. He’ll now be found most Saturdays running around a pitch or perfecting his drive.

Edward Glover
Chief Operating Officer

Matt joined the team in 2008; poached from an incredibly lucrative and highly successful career in short and feature film, BBC drama and corporate and commercial production. A career highlight for our bearded and bespectacled head of production was a BAFTA nomination for his short film “My darling wife”. A devout Devonian, he stakes a claim to the ‘original’ pasty, not the cheap Cornish counterfeits. In another hotly contested assertion, Matt also insists that it’s cream first, then jam if you want to make a proper cream tea. The debate continues.

Matt Loudon
Head of The Kitchen

After a youth spent delivering boats through the North Sea, being the Duke of Westminster’s post boy and managing arts venues across London, Michael decided to follow his dreams into film. He’s written and directed multi award-winning short comedies, 1st assistant-directed on hundreds of projects and co-produced feature-length docs for Nina Conti (one of which won a Grierson and got him nominated for a BAFTA).

Michael now uses writing, producing and directing commercials as an excuse for bossing people about whenever possible.

Michael O’Kelly
Creative Producer / Director

Lashing himself to the side of a coracle, James fled the rain soaked, windswept shores of Cork is adjusting well to the milder climes of South East England. After two years in film facilities, followed by a two-year stint in post-production, he joined team The Kitchen.

Aside from an encyclopaedic knowledge of production, he’s an expert in Irish charm. He’s also learning to speak slower so people can understand some of what he says. It’s a work in progress. He loves chips, ice cream and his cat. She is called Cat.

James Mc Colgan

Proving himself in the gauntlet of internship, Ben joined the team as a full-time designer.

Despite being raised a Londoner, Amps decided the capital of the western world wasn’t quite hip enough for his needs, so he did the logical thing and relocated to Leicester to realise his full potential.

A graduate in graphic design, he now delves into the dark arts of art direction. Ben is a self-confessed music junkie, his particular favourites being funk, soul and chill-step. Because that’s a thing now.

Ben Ampofo
Junior Graphic Designer

26 Market Place